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Online Classes  
The Plan of action for Online Live classes is as follows:
The Covid-19 has resulted in schools shuts all across the world. As a result, education has Changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital (Online) platforms.
  1. Every class teacher created Google Classroom as one of the group admins along with the Principal who monitors the things.
  2. In that group, every subject teacher prepares a plan of action for the lessons like Teaching-learning material (PPT, Videos, Website link for reference, activity video, worksheets for Home assignments) should be uploaded through Google classrooms.
  3. All the teachers conducted Zoom online live classes and conducted examinations through Google forms as per their Time table.
  4. The strict instructions are given that the created what's app groups, Google classrooms and Zoom apps by the respective class teachers is only to communicate the home assignments, clarification of any sort of doubts, school data& evidence but no one should not be allowed to send social messages, photos and videos and no one is allowed to use the platform to spread rumors Or irrelevant information and create a nuisance. 
  5. Weekend Activities: Moral stories are a great source of inspiration and motivation. Sometimes, moral fables make us go back to our roots and help us in discovering some of the missing elements of life. Moral ideas present the greatness of humanity and are passed from generation to generation. so every Language teacher uploaded videos of moral stories on Saturdays and Sundays and also encouraged the students to watch the great epics The Ramayana, The Mahabharata which are telecasted by the DD channel.
  6. Weekend entertained Assessments: Every weekend class teachers are conducting painting, slogan writing, Poster making, origami competitions at home through Google classrooms. Copies are uploaded through Google forms by the students who designed their masks and distributed to their parents and neighbors.
  7. Yoga, meditation for health:  Our school Physical education Instructor conducted zoom live classes and uploaded virtual videos of how to do basic exercise, meditation, Yoga which can help us to reduce depression, rumination, and overwhelming negative thoughts.
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